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Daman Tourist Attractions

Daman Tourist AttractionsThis exotic island on the southern border of Gujarat makes one reel in wonder, as one looks at its breathtaking landscape. In this tiny oasis; the sun, sands and the sea seems to be ceaselessly conversing and finding ways of heightening its all pervasive beauty. Owing to its galloping beaches, wave-kissed golden sands, colonial architecture and ornate shrines; the place has a spellbinding effect on the onlookers. A perfect blend of mystery, majesty and wilderness; Daman is home to some of the most popular tourist spots in India. Here are some of its major tourist attractions that should be a part of all the sightseeing tours to Daman.

Jampore Beach
Jampore beach of Daman leads on to Gujarat, and is a favorite hangout of the solitude-seekers. With its overwhelming serenity and sublime solitude, this beach has a therapeutic effect on those weary in heart. The beach with its low tides beckons everyone and is ideal for swimming, picnics as well as gallivanting on its wet sands.

Fort of Nani Daman
With an area of 12,250 sq m, this edifice is girdled by high stone walls on all its sides. With its three bastions and a large statue of St. Jerome on one of its gateways, the fort poses a majestic sight. It also houses the Church of the Lady of the Sea within its premises, which forms an important part of its architectural grandeur and mystic appeal.

Daman Ganga Tourist Complex
It is an artificially built complex that houses cafeterias, cottages, conference hall, health club etc. This integrated project also houses various waterfalls, island gardens and fountains within its premises. Because of its size, recreational facilities and undeniable beauty; the place is a popular retreat for unwinding and relaxing or enjoying various water sports.

With its sprawling amusement park and musical fountains that sprinkle water with a melodious rhythm, Devka is a famous beach of Daman. The well manicured lawns and the varicolored blossoms are a treat for your eyes, and the place seems like a carnival sight during the festive seasons. With facilities for pony riding and swimming, Devka is very popular among the tourists.

Fort of Moti Daman (Lighthouse)
Fort of Moti Daman dates back to 16th century and is a massive structure that girdles the whole settlement .With its ten bastions and two gateways, the fort is polygonal in plan and covers an area of 30,000 sq m. The bastions are located at various projections placed at a distance of 500 m. This colossal fort housed a large number of Portuguese gentry and their families, in earlier times.

Our Lady of Rosary Church & The Lady of Remedious Church
Our Lady of Rosary Church stands in the town of Moti Daman, with its immaculate blend of Gothic and Byzantium architecture majestically. The Lady of Remedious Church is located at Nani Daman. The interiors of these ancient edifices with their richly carved statues, grand paneling and wide hall of prayers, are famous heritage structures of the place.

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